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About me

What’s up world! My name is Evan.

Im a Digital Marketer and Branding Analyst with a background in Content Creation, O and an Artist too.  I attended George Washington University’s Digital Marketing Program and graduated at the top of my class!  I love to help people…it’s kinda my thing!  A few years back I started a Commercial/ Drone photography business and my initial goal was to help small businesses update their imagery and promote growth.  Although I accomplished that goal my customers had many questions I didn’t have answers for.  I hate not having an answer because ,as I said, I like to help people…it’s kinda my thing.  My desire to find the answer’s lead me to my second professional love…Digital Marketing (Photography is my first)!  I have use my marketing skills to consult a range of entities from multi-million dollar companies  to non-profits and loving every minute of it!  Why?  Because I’m Evan Dalby and I love to help people…It’s kinda my thing.  

Check out some of what I know

My skills

Digital Advertising

I have been trained in many of the arts of advertising. Including, Paid search Advertising, Social Media Advertising, and Display Advertising. I love creating unique and personal advertisements that speak to the targeted audience!

Web Design

Do you like this site? I built it with my bare hands! One of the many skills I learned at George Washington University is Basic Web Design and UX/UI. I was taught by the best to use the best software in the game...Wordpress.

Lead Generation

Lead generation can only successful by locating and identifying the right Targeted Audience. Once they are found I know how to pull them in to conversion! Never tricking or manipulating people but winning them over with honesty and education.

Data Analytics

Deciphering statistics has always been a passion of mine. Critically looking at data will always point you in the right direction. Using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, others I'm able to gather an incredible volume of data. With my skill I can confirm wether your tactics are working or its time to blaze a new path!


Have a look at a few of the projects I have completed that prove my knowledge and skill.  

key Experience

I have had many of professional accomplishments but I none of those truly are my key accomplishments I believe its important to note.  My most important accomplishment is my relationship God and the family He has provided me!  Praise God and thank you Jesus for what you have done for me!


Digital Marketing Consultant

Graduate of George Washington University’s Digital Marketing program.  I graduated at the top of my class.  I’m now helping businesses grow and update their digital presence 


Commercial Photography Business

Small business owner who takes photographs of products, food, buildings, landscapes, events, and people to be displayed online and in print for promotional purposes.


FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Responsible for operating a drone, which is sometimes called an unmanned aerial system (UAS) for companies in a range of industries and for varying purposes including insurance inspections and promotional purposes


Activities Director

Implemented and evaluated activities for residents.  Designed programs to encourage socialization, provide entertainment, relaxation, and fulfillment, and improve daily living skills.  As well as directing volunteer workers and various forms of entertainers.

off the Clock

I find it important to also mention a few of my interests that have transferable skills and prove what an asset I am to any project!


As Ive stated above I love photography…what I dont love is taking photos of weddings or newborns.  I am a Landscape and Street photographer that uses photos as a form of expression.  The is a beautiful place my goal is to capture that beauty in a unique way.  Gotta use all that expensive camera gear for something lol.


I set a new record for community service hours at Paint High School by the time a graduated with over 1450 hours. Now I  serve Frederick, Maryland and am apart of the Sleep In Heavenly Peace Project that builds beds for less fortunate children.