Who Is Evan D.

i am Many things

I am a Christian.  I am a Husband.  I am a Dad.  And, I am a Digital Marketer. (In that order)  I love my God and I love my family and I never afraid to put them first! 

I am a critical thinker and very analytical.  The Truth has always been my guide!  I have a keen ability to ask the right questions and always be me regardless of circumstance.  

My Story

As a child my Father always told me I would succeed at anything I put my mind to.  In university, I chose philosophy as my focus but soon realized the human experience and understanding could not be found in a classroom but in the world itself.  I’ve managed store fronts, and repaired airplane hanger doors. I’ve mapped corneas and developed behavioral growth plans for the elderly.  And,  I’ve photographed graduations, and Piloted drones commercially, and featured in art exhibits .  Many people ask, “how is this possible?”, and the answer is the gifts of adaptability, leadership, and a heightened sense of comprehension .  I have worked and  experienced life with peoples from many different Demographics. And,  provided a variety of services to a multitude of Target Audiences.

Because of my explorative decision I never earned a traditional degree, but what I have earned with my blood, sweat, and tears is KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the world and the people who inhabit it.  I’ve often asked myself if I could go back would I make a different choice and no matter how hard it has been on this journey the answer remains “No, never”.  My father’s teachings spoke truth. I have put this mind to many tasks and excelled in all of them.

My goal now is to help businesses stop trying to sell their products and start finding the persons looking for what they sell.  My Name is Evan Dalby and I will grow what you’ve created.

Extraordinary Experiences

Fatherhood and husbandry have been and will alway be my most extraordinary experiences.  I know this may seem cliché but not many men these days put their families first.  I see myself as the leader of my family but more importantly, Im am a servant to them.  It has been the most rewarding part of my life and I thank God for the opportunity to guide my this family.

My Core Values

  • Always put others before yourself 
  • Try to approach everything with humility
  • Always be honest no matter the cost
  • Be competitive but kind 
  • Listen first, then speak
  • Be as authentic as possible 
  • Give your time and possessions willingly 

Photography is my passion!  there is nothing like finding some place new and expressing how you interpret your surroundings.  I hope those who see my creations can see the beauty in the world that I see.